Care Quality

We subscribe to the principles of residential care as enumerated in ‘home life’ – a code of practice for nursing and residential care. The six basic values of privacy, dignity, independence, choice, rights and fulfillment are incorporated into our residents’ charter.


Our philosophy of care

Our stated philosophy of care is to provide a secure, stable and comfortable environment where individuality of care and maintenance of dignity is paramount.


We at Summerland House aim to give a holistic, personalised approach to care, to ensure our residents are happy and able to lead as normal a life as possible. We want to promote a friendly, supportive, family atmosphere where each day matters, friendships are promoted, freedom to express emotions and beliefs is given and contact and involvement with the community is maintained.


What you can expect from us: We want to value individual personalities and appreciate family dynamics, be non-judgemental in our approach and respectful of cultural differences, be tolerant, adaptable and trustworthy. You can expect to receive care from kind, friendly, positive staff, who will offer compassion, tenderness, empathise and listen to concerns, hopes and fears. We aim to be giving of our time and flexible in our approach.


Our residents have told us they wish to feel secure in their environment and be happy, to be occupied and have a choice in how they spend their day, to have company when wanted and privacy when they do not. Most of all to feel valued for who they are.


In order to provide this care, we need to value our staff and aim to look after one another, promote and facilitate training of all our staff, be tolerant of each other and respectful of differences, to offer pastoral care and encourage staff to be the best they can be. We appreciate that as a large home, we will face challenges, but we will endeavour to face these with professionalism and good humour, promoting a happy working atmosphere.


As a resident of Summerland House or Saumarez Park Manor you enjoy the same rights and freedoms as any other person living in the community in particular: Every person has a fundamental right to respect as a unique individual, regardless of status, sex, age, religion, race or culture.

Rights to Privacy

In fulfillment of these rights, you will have the opportunity to live a full life with dignity, self-determination, and responsibility. Every person is entitled to personal independence, choice and responsibility for their actions: to receive care, wherever possible, provided by a person of your preferred gender. To be kept fully informed about services provided by the home and to take part in making decisions regarding daily living.

Arrangements within the Home

To maintain and develop social contacts and interests. To have cultural, religious, sexual and emotional needs accepted and respected. You will have access to a formal complaints procedure and may be accompanied by a friend or advisor if you so wish.

Your personal choices and actions have consequences, which may affect other people, no one has complete freedom to do as they please – we all have to take account of the needs of others. This, of necessity, entails some restrictions upon our actions.


You are encouraged to enjoy as much independence as your particular circumstances permit. It is important to acknowledge the risk this entails to those already effected by illness, age, disability, either physical or mental. Some degree of risk is entirely normal and to avoid all risk would lead to an unhealthy existence. Because you are resident in Summerland House or Saumarez Park Manor it would be wrong to limit your freedom.

Staff Ethos
We expect the needs of our residents to be paramount and seek to guard against restricting rights and choices. We have introduced a ‘code of practice’, which all staff are expected to observe.


Staff members will avoid being over familiar and use the form of address each resident requests.